You have to go out?

If you have MuYi on your smartphone you do not need anything else!

At the bar, in the restaurant, anywhere you can pay and cash out with MuYI!

MuYi knows no boundaries

North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania.
With MuYi you can pay and cash out wherever you are in all currencies.

Credit cards? No thanks!

MuYi does not use banking or interbank services.
If you use MuYi you can throw credit cards and debit cards, you'll never need them again.

What can you do with MuYi?

MuYi is the first app in the world that allows you to pay and collect in 33 currencies globally!

It does not matter which countries you are in or in which currency the transaction is, with MuYi you can easily handle every transaction in the local currency.

MuYi uses only bitcoins and being able to work in batching, guarantees micropayments without fees as well as managing the exchange rates of the most important currencies in the world.

Not negligible detail, MuYi does not need any credit card or bank account to work.

Do you want to make money with MuYi?

If you want to have a monthly income speak to your friends of MuYi and you can earn a part of the fee that each of their transactions generates.

Affiliation is a way to earn from your contacts, the activations of MuYi with your promo code guarantee you 25% of the fees that  MuYi shall collect. The more friends will use your code, the better your income will be!

To your friends will not cost more, the rules of use of MuYi are the same for all users!

Scheduled events (2018)

Salone dei pagamenti – Milan November 7-8-9 2018

MuYi will be present at the Salone dei Pagamenti to introduce all the features of the app.

Scheduled events (2019)

Singapore, March 19-21 2019
Amsterdam, June 3-5 2019
Las Vegas, October 2019
Hangzhou, November 2019

Download MuYi on your device

The MuYi app is available free for Android, IOs and devices without Google Play.


Without Google Play


Download from google Play


Download from Apple Store

With MuYi you have all this

No matter where you are, you can use MuYi with anyone with the App installed.
User friendly
Do you have to pay 100 $ or 100 ¥? Just type 100 $ or 100 ¥, simple!
MuYi works with currency and you can pay and cash in all the currencies of the world!
With two smartphones you have the total functioning.
Publishing the QR code or sending it via email allows you to receive online payments.
No credit cards
They are part of the past, you can forget them.
Everyone can use MuYi even those who do not have a bank account because you do not need to have it.
To activate MuYi you need only a mobile number.
When you want and how you want, because you are free to choose.
Micro payments up to € 15 are free, even the app is free.
Our servers are managed in redundant mode with AES-256 encryption.
Anyone using MuYi can make a top-up in exchange for cash.
From your exchanger or your e-wallet you can transfer btc to MuYi.
You can transfer btc from MuYi to your exchanger or e-wallet.
If you introduce MuYi to your friends you can earn bitcoins!

Do you have an business?

Offer your customers the ability to make bitcoin payments, with MuYi continuing to reason/work in your current currency.

It takes 30 seconds to activate MuYi on your smartphone and start accepting bitcoin payments.

Print the pdf file “accepted here", expose it in your shop/club and everyone will know that you can collect bitcoins.

You can either pay or top up your customers using MuYi.

  • You do not need a credit card or a bank account
  • User friendly! (enter amount in fiat currency)
  • Transactions up to XXRub are all free
  • Possible to pay / collect any amount
  • You can also pay / collect online
  • You can send shipping information automatically *
  • * Optional option must be indicated when signing up for MuYi and the Marketplace where you make the purchase must be enabled.
  • MuYi uses only bitcoins
  • MuYi uses government official exchange rates
  • The $ 15.01 to $ 2,000 transaction costs 20 Cent
  • The transactions from $ 2,000,01 to $ 5,000 have a cost of 50 Cent
  • Transactions of $ 5,000.01 and above cost 2$
  • The fee is charged to who makes the payment and who receives it
  • There are no other costs or expenses

Who is MuYi

MuYi or 沐意贸易 in chinese is a chinese company activated in August 2017 to offer payment and collection services.

社会资本: 783,719.24¥
Cs.: 100.000€
Lic: 91310000MA1FY8AQ62


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