MuYi for activities

Increase your customers, accept bitcoin payments!

Accepting bitcoin payments is easy!
Start today, it takes only 30 seconds to activate MuYi.

MuYi for shops, bars, newsagents, hotels, etc.

Each business can accept bitcoin payments from its customers if it has MuYi.
MuYi is a service accessible to everybody and allows you to continue to reason/function in the currency that you use every day: I have to pay 100Rubli, I enter 100Rubli.
Cashing in then, you can recharge customers who use MuYi or pay suppliers.
To receive payments, simply print your QR code and display it at the checkout.

MuYi for the marketplace

For e-commerce operators, MuYi is an incredible advantage.
The sale becomes very fast because the user of MuYi only has to scan the QR code with his smartphone and make the payment.
The payment procedure is 100% secure and does not require the insertion of any data, password or bitcoin or shipping address on the web, only the scan of the QR code.
Time needed a few seconds.

Three activations: Free - Basic - Business

You can decide the best option for your store or online store.
With MuYi you are free to cash out and pay both online and offline!

MuYi Free MuYi Base MuYi Business
00€ 800€ 6.500€
Version suitable for public places such as bars, newsagents, restaurants, pizzerias, hotels and shops It is immediately activated and operational by displaying the QR code Version suitable for small e-commerce with limited number of products The activation amount is totally recoverable. Version suitable for large e-commerce with unlimited number of products The activation amount is totally recoverable.

Conditions of service for online stores: & FAQ

The amounts spent for the activations of MuYi Base and MuYi Business are totally recovered from the store.
The fees generated by the transactions in the store will be credited until the balance of the amount spent for the implementation of MuYi.
Implementing MuYi Base requires the installation of specific software.
Implementing MuYi Business requires a feasibility study based on the specific needs of the store and the installation of specific software.

Within what limit is MuYi Base worthwhile?
It depends on the number of items sold in the store.
If each item has its own sales price it must have its own personalized QR code.
For example, if a store has 100,000 items and all with the same price, just get the Free version.
In my store I have 15 products, do I have to get MuYi Base?
Yes, but since MuYi Base has a cost of 800 $ if the store generates few sales, it will take longer to recover the amount spent.
Who pays the money that the store recovers?
MuYi pays them.
The money we return to the stores would be our proceeds from transactions made by store customers.
I have a physical store, can I use MuYi?
When the customer arrives at the checkout, he scans the QR code of the store, digits the amount and makes the payment.
How long does it take to recover the activation fee?
It depends on the flow of users that the portal generates and how the new payment system is advertised.
Taking into consideration this data, every 2,500 transactions the store collects $ 1,000.
The store should advertise MuYi to recover the money spent on activation as soon as possible.
If I have to make a refund?
The repayment of a payment is a standard transaction.

The MuYi app is available free for Android, IOs and devices without Google Play.
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Download from Google Play Download from Apple Store Download without Google Play