Create your future!


You have to go out?
Leave your wallet at home!

If you have MuYi on your smartphone you do not need anything else!
At the bar, in the restaurant, anywhere you can pay and cash out with MuYI!

Credit cards?
No thank you!

MuYi does not use banking or interbank services
therefore it is not required to have any credit card or current account.
People use MuYi without any barrier!

MuYi knows no boundaries

North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania.
With MuYi you can pay and cash out wherever you are in all currencies.

E-commerce in un click?

Just pay! No, it's not a joke.
When you buy online with MuYi, you do not need to enter shipping information, you just need to pay.

Do you have an business?

Offer your customers the ability to make bitcoin payments, with MuYi continuing to reason/work in your current currency.
It takes 30 seconds to activate MuYi on your smartphone and start accepting bitcoin payments.
Print the pdf file “accepted here", expose it in your shop/club and everyone will know that you can collect bitcoins.
You can either pay or top up your customers using MuYi.

The MuYi app is available free for Android, IOs and devices without Google Play.
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Download from Google Play Download from Apple Store Download without Google Play