With MuYi you are finally free!

Imagine going to any country and being able to make a payment in the local currency immediately and without problems: this is MuYi.
Use MuYi to pay and cash out anywhere and anyone in the world, without barriers and especially without expensive tools such as credit cards and bank transfers, for the sole fact of having a credit card you are subject to charges!

These are the 33 currencies available
AUD (Australia), BGN (Bulgaria), BRL (Brazil), CAD (Canada), CHF (switzerland), CNY (China), CZK (Czech Rep), DKK (Denmark), EUR (Europe), GBP (Great Britain), HKD (Hong Kong), HRK (Croatia), HUF (Hungary), IDR (Indonesia), ILS (Israel), INR (India), ISK (Iceland), JPY (Japan), KRW (South Korea), MXN (Mexico), MYR (Mali), NOK (Norway), NZD (New Zealand), PHP (Philippines), PLN (Poland), RON (Romania), RUB (Russia), SEK (Sweden), SGD (Singapore), THB (Thailand), TRY (Turkey), USD (Usa), ZAR (South Africa).

The MuYi app is available free for Android, IOs and devices without Google Play.
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