How does MuYi work?

You can pay and accept payments from anyone who uses MuYi, anywhere in the world and in all currencies.

Using MuYi is very simple.

1. you install the app on your device
2. you enter the code to unblock
3. MuYi is operational
You can not have two accounts with the same number but you can operate in your account from different devices.


If you need to receive a payment, you must show your QR code. You can print it, send it by e-mail or post it on your own website, or between phone and phone.


If you need to make a payment you need to read the QR code of the person you have to pay to. You must digit the amount and the operation is confirmed.

Activation of MuYi

Enter the international code (without +) and mobile number as well. Enter the unlock code arrived via SMS.

Sample Screenshots

The MuYi app is available free for Android, IOs and devices without Google Play.
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Android IOs .apk
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