For security reasons, MuYi does not use the classic web operation with its portal.
Our site: is only descriptive of the services we offer together with our Social profile:
Our only connection to the outside is via our app only to the customer's cell phone number.
All transactions related to transactions and currency exchanges take place in our servers managed with redundant mode with AES-256 encryption.
The personal sensitive data of our customers and all bitcoins are stored off-line.
Who uses MuYi can choose what data to provide during registration, the only data required to use our service is only the mobile number.
The operation of MuYi is arranged in such a way as to make every hacker attack vain: even if you knew what to look for you would not know where and how to find it.

MuYi does not require credit card numbers or bank accounts.
Who uses MuYi does not enter any data on the web.

The MuYi app is available free for Android, IOs and devices without Google Play.
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