MuYi Vision

What is MuYi Vision? It is the future!

Waiting to launch Live Streaming, with MuYi Vision it is now possible to publish video / text content and to pay for the visualizations.

Our philosophy is at odds with respect to what more important platforms are putting into practice, we give freedom to those who insert a video to decide how much they want to be paid and if the visitor accepts the amount they pay directly to those who have entered the content.

MuYi Vision is a decentralized platform.

The prerogative of MuYi is that it allows you to pay micro amounts of 1 cent and we believe that it is an amount more than honest if this allows you to view content without NO advertising.

As a consequence, whoever inserts the contents will be motivated to increase their quality if they have followers that support it financially.

We are the first to launch this type of service that allows users to directly pay the videomaker to view its contents.

The service is provided by MuYi for free, there are no activation costs, usage fees or percentages on receipts.

MuYi is only the payment engine.

What are the advantages of MuYi Vision?

  • Pay x view costs accessible to anyone
  • High quality of contents
  • Payments occur between users
  • Visibility on a global level
  • No fees or hidden costs
  • Real earning potential

Using MuYi Vision is simple.

  1. activates a channel in MuYi
  2. publish the video link
  3. sets the fee to be paid

Anyone can publish in MuYi Vision and start monetizing their contents!

Start making money with MuYi Vision!

Publish your videos / articles and share them.

The minimum profit is 30 Cents per month per user, but you can decide how much to pay for your followers!

You can earn
  • Real monthly earning!
  • Monthly views for the user
You can earn
  • Real monthly earning!
  • Monthly views for the user
You can earn
  • Real monthly earning!
  • Monthly views for the user
By inserting (paying) a banner on the MuYi home page, it is possible to increase the number of visitors to their channel, in fact every MuYi user will display it when the app is opened globally or only for certain countries.

Sample screenshots

Download MuYi on your device

The MuYi app is available free for Android, IOs and devices without Google Play.


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