How to top up MuYi?

You can top up your account in many ways.

The simplest and most immediate method is face-to-face, asking anyone who uses MuYi if he is available to make a transfer with the app to their QR code in exchange for a cash payment, he can be a friend, an acquaintance or owner of an activity, the procedure is the same.

You display your own QR code, the person makes the transfer with MuYi and you will cash the amount received with the App.

As a rule, a business owner is more likely to make top-ups because he receives many payments and in this way he can monetize them.

Cash in with MuYi
If you need to receive payments, we recommend MuYi to whoever you are connected to!

From your exchanger
If you have bitcoins you can send them directly to your MuYi account.
Go to the “Recharge bitcoin" menu and copy the displayed address or use the QR code.